Sunday, October 28, 2012

Charity Hat Challenge - Week 3

This week I made 12 hats!  At this rate, I think I might have to crochet faster to get 100 hats done by Thanksgiving but I do still need to make quite a few hats in the smaller size so maybe that will be faster. 

The finished hats will go to a program n Worcester, MA called Coats for Kids. 

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Hats made this week: 11

Total hats made: 31

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Charity Hat Challenge - Week 2

This week I made 11 (eleven) hats.  I am still using the same patten I used last week and I've decided to use this pattern for throughout the challenge.
I have realized I can't make more than 12 hats a week so I am extending my end date to Thanksgiving with a goal of 100 hats. If I finish them sooner, I'll just make more than 100. :-)

This week I made 11 hats.

Total Hats Made: 19

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Charity Hat Challenge!

For October, I have decided I need a challenge.  I've been sitting and crocheting hats by the dozen so I've decided to see just how many I can make in a month.  I'm not sure where they will all end up yet, but I have a couple local organizations in mind that I would like to donate them to.

The pattern I am using is Better Late than Never by Kathy North.  Be sure to click her name to check her full blog - its great!

I am not always following the pattern exactly as written, as you will see from my pictures.  
Update: The hats I am making are going to Coats for Kids in Worcester, MA and I'm sorry for not having any link for them. This week I made 8 hats ( plus 2 adult which are not included in the total). Total Hats Made: 8